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As with all the big coflicts in the last couple of centuries, what we are seeing in the present is the philosophy of 'Ordo Ab Chao' (order from chaos) being applied, i,e., create chaos and pain until everyone submits to the new global order. This new order will be a political-religious blend -- a one world government and one world religion.

The following describes exactly how this is being done.



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An enemy could get the same effects by blowing many of the large transformers..The East Coast grid would collapse immediately....The Texas grid might be more resilient...

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No doubt this would suck. Probably start off with that fateful day where many teams of (Chinese most likely) open fire on strategic part of our grid. Globohomo would no doubt blame the indigenous people (us). With the communication and power destroyed not sure how much it would matter.

With the distraction the EMP’s would be unleashed. This would all be done to counter any first strike or retaliatory one. Maybe the Chinese rendezvous with their dissidents and get them the hell out of here or simply leave them to die. Now they and Russia can sit back and relax. They perhaps revisit in a year to colonize the place. Queue the PAC-Man death music.

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